A quality assurance promise, from cultivation to shipping.

True quality extends far beyond a certificate.

Our vertically integrated, frictionless supply chain gives us hands-on control over every critical quality checkpoint, ensuring our all-natural ingredients consistently surpass the highest standards of purity, potency, and safety.

This uncompromised attention to detail and endless commitment to flawless quality means one thing:

BOTANIKind gives you exclusive access to superior all-natural ingredients that empower you to create cleaner and healthier products your customers will love.

A commitment to ingredient quality

Quality is our number one priority.

Working with natural ingredients requires an unwavering commitment to maintaining safety and purity across the entire supply chain, from crop to finished product. Our one-of-a-kind supply chain allows us to trace virtually every step of the ingredient journey with unparalleled transparency, allowing us to identify and address any potential risks—quickly and efficiently.

This is our "secret ingredient" for producing the highest performing clean-label solutions on the market, without compromising the integrity of our raw materials.

Where quality meets affordability

We believe that providing you with the purest, highest quality all-natural ingredients shouldn't come at a hefty price. That's why we've made major investments in cutting-edge technologies and our best-in-class supply chain to avoid unnecessary costs, without cutting corners that could compromise ingredient quality.

  • We cut out most intermediaries to optimize margins, maximize traceability, and preserve ingredient purity.
  • We pay growers fair prices, ensuring they receive a stable and sustainable income for high-quality work.
  • We proactively minimize quality risks, such as contamination or adulteration, at every step along the chain.
Never choose between quality and affordability again. We deliver both.

Scalability fueled by strong relationships

Our strong partnerships with growers give us the flexibility to quickly and efficiently scale up production to meet increased demand. You can confidently develop new products or refine existing recipes in real time, knowing that we've taken measures to avoid ingredient shortages and quality inconsistencies. Thanks to our vertically integrated supply chain, you get added peace of mind that we're able to adapt to your needs and supply the highest quality ingredients, whenever you need them.

Traceability and quality control throughout the supply chain

We strive to over-deliver on our promise of greater transparency and superior quality control at every stage of production with our reliable, sustainable, and scalable
three-step BKDTrace™ approach.


Crops cultivation and harvesting

Our journey towards uncompromising quality begins in the fields. We work hand in hand with our growers to ensure optimal farming conditions that strictly adhere to Good Agricultural and Collection Practices (GACP).

By taking a more proactive, hands-on approach to the cultivation step of the supply chain, we are able to:

  • Better regulate the use of fertilizers and pesticides;
  • Select plant breeds proven to deliver the highest levels of bioactive properties;
  • Implement proper harvesting, drying, and storage techniques to prevent the formation of harmful compounds like Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAH); and
  • Maintain compliance with CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species) regulations for protecting endangered plant species throughout the cultivation process.

Extraction and Formulation

One of our biggest competitive advantages is our industry-leading expertise in the art and science of extraction and ingredient formulation. Developing the cleanest, purest, and highest performing ingredients requires selecting our manufacturing partners carefully. As a best practice, we only work with manufacturers whose factories and labs not only implement strict quality control protocols but also maintain key compliance certifications, including:

  • FSSC 22000 (Food Safety System Certification)
  • Halal
  • Kosher

Independent ingredient testing: IDTrace™ program

We go above and beyond to ensure our ingredients surpass your quality and performance expectations. We don't simply adhere to compliance and regulatory standards. We go one step further by having independent labs test every batch of ingredients produced to ensure they perform as intended and, most importantly, meet our customers' needs. As further proof, we ship our ingredients with a full read-out of the independent test results to reinforce ingredient compliance with full transparency.

For certain botanicals that are more susceptible to adulteration risks, we have implemented advanced techniques—like DNA barcoding analysis—to track a plant's identity and composition throughout the manufacturing process. As a secondary measure, we partner with independent labs to implement C14 isotope testing to ensure they are never compromised by non-endogenous or chemically-added active compounds,

At BOTANIKind, we leave no stone unturned in our endless pursuit of maintaining the highest quality control standards in the industry today. After all, your customers' health depends on it.

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Always ready to meet your needs

We don't believe in one-size-fits-all. Brands and businesses come to us to address various ingredient-based needs. The agility and scalability of our business model allow us to deliver fully customised solutions that meet these specific requirements.

Customised formulations

You can customise our ingredients to address your specific needs. We've got a team of expert food technologists and botanical specialists, both in-house and in our vast lab network, who are ready to help you imagine, design, and develop the most innovative clean ingredient solutions in the most cost-effective ways possible. Whatever your need, we're here to help you every step of the way.

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Always-available stock

The best products are only as good as your ability to get them when you need them. Our robust, resilient, and reliable supply chain, reinforced with ample buffer stocks, provides added peace of mind that your ingredients will always reach you on time to ensure production timelines will never skip a beat.

Plus, we are constantly growing our global partner network to not only keep our supply chain strong but also provide our customers with the highest level of service imaginable, even when there are significant spikes in demand.

Clean ingredients make better products

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