Uncompromised freshness,
how nature intended it.

We tap into the power of nature to engineer the highest-performing natural food protection solutions on the market. Our comprehensive range of clean-label antioxidants, derived from consumer-friendly plant extracts, like rosmarinic acid, acerola cherry-based vitamin C, and green tea polyphenols, keep food and beverage products looking, tasting, and smelling fresher for longer. No one does food protection better than nature. We simply use our know-how to bring that efficacy directly to you.

OxyKIND™ quality standards

BOTANIKind's portfolio of natural antioxidants, with formulations adapted to every food and beverage application, outperforms traditional extracts and oleoresins—giving your food products unrivaled protection against oxidative deterioration. We use cutting-edge technologies to standardise active compounds for consistent antioxidant activity and remove the presence of odours or colours. All our natural antioxidants are:

100% plant-based




Vegan- and Vegetarian-friendly

HPLC standardization of phytoactives

Surpasses US and EU heavy metal standards (USP 561 & EC 396/2005)

FSSC 22000



An effective antioxidant for every use case

Not all antioxidants are created equal. Our precision range of all-natural food protection solutions takes the guesswork out of pinpointing optimal antioxidant dosage levels for specific shelf-life targets.

Natural Sources


We work closely with growers to establish optimal cultivation conditions and harvest periods to promote the highest concentration of carnosic acid, rosmarinic acid, and carnosol content in our rosemary extracts to ensure superior antioxidant properties.


To ensure the highest concentration of acerola-derived vitamin C, we work closely with growers to ensure they not only select the right acerola species but also harvest and sort the fruit at the most optimal time. This is because green acerola fruit, for example, contains twice as much vitamin C as the fully ripened cherries.

Additionally, knowing that vitamin C is a rather fragile compound, we process the acerola fruits immediately after harvest under low temperatures to avoid any loss in fruit's highly concentrated antioxidant properties.

Green Tea

The concentration of polyphenols in green tea leaves—often up to 30% of their dry weight—is influenced by both the leaves' maturity and the post-harvest process. Young leaves, containing the highest polyphenol content, are typically used for creating teas. We help eliminate waste by using the more mature leaves, oftentimes referred to as "byproducts," as the starting material for our polyphenol extraction.

Knowing the quality of these byproducts can vary significantly, and negatively impact the extraction process, we are hands-on in sourcing the best raw materials to ensure the highest possible yield of green tea polyphenols for extraction.

The BOTANIKind difference:
Keeping your products safe

Our ability to deliver the industry's best all-natural food protection solutions comes down to our hands-on approach to supply chain management, use of innovative technologies, and uncompromising quality assurance.

Efficient supply chain

Our vertically-integrated supply chain truly sets us apart. It was designed specifically to mitigate any risks that could potentially compromise the consistent quality of our entire range of all-natural food protection solutions.

Through our one-on-one relationships with growers, we are able to influence the selection of optimal cultivation areas, plant varieties, and farming practices to produce the greatest yields, reduce costs, minimize supply disruptions, and maintain a higher level of end-to-end quality control.

Playing an active role throughout our supply chain means you get access to the highest performing natural antioxidants and food preservatives.

Clean ingredients make better products

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