Naturally sweet.
Naturally healthy.

As obesity and diabetes continue to threaten global health, consumers are becoming increasingly focused on cutting back their sugar consumption. We are actively addressing this need with our SweetKIND™ sugar-reduction platform: a constantly evolving array of healthy, low-calorie sugar alternatives offering great taste and texture.

A better way to sweeten, naturally.

Our SweetKIND all-natural sweetening solutions platform offers a better, healthier, and cost-effective way to create delicious, low-calorie products consumers will love.

Tastes like sugar

Clean and consistent sweetness, guaranteed, without any unpleasant aftertaste or textures.

100% plant-based

Today's consumers want healthier alternatives to sugar. Our sweeteners come from stevia leaves and monk fruit.


Our vertically integrated approach ensures reliable stocks of high quality ingredients without unnecessary costs.

The SweetKIND™ promise

Tap into the natural power of stevia and monk fruit to deliver up to 300x the sweetness of sugar without unnecessary calories or negative health impacts.

100% plant-based





Vegan- and Vegetarian-friendly


Excellent solubility

pH-, heat-, and light-stable

Meets US and EU heavy metal standards

Discover BKD Satevia M90™

Up to 100% sugar reduction without compromising on sweetness, taste, or texture.

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Naturally-sourced sweetness

Our ever-growing SweetKIND portfolio of all-natural sweeteners is 100% plant-based.

The BOTANIKind difference:
On a sugar reduction mission

  We are in a mission to evolve the industry's most comprehensive sugar reduction platform. Our full portfolio of expertly customised, all-natural sweetening blends gives our customers a wide array of choices for lowering the sugar content of their products without ever having to compromise on taste or cost.


We build and maintain strong relationships with our vast network of farmers and growers to glean on-the-ground market insights, ensure consistent raw material quality, secure sufficient "buffer" volume, and minimise unnecessary intermediary costs at every step along our vertically integrated supply chain.


Our state-of-the-art bio-conversion and fermentation technologies enable us to produce the greatest quantities of highly concentrated Reb M from raw stevia leaves.

Additionally, our gentle and green extraction, purification, and formulation processes allow us to harness the natural sweetening properties of stevia and monk fruit, transforming them into high-quality, low-calorie sweeteners that can be precisely tailored to your specific needs.


We apply rigorous quality control standards to ensure the purity, consistency, and safety of our 100% plant-based sweeteners.

This includes High-Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) analysis of monk fruit and stevia extracts (Reb A, B, C, D, M, and steviol) as well as sensory panels to validate the consistency of taste in each batch of sweetening ingredients produced.

Clean ingredients make better products

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