Functional Ingredients

Traceability and guaranteed authenticity.
We provide standardized botanical extracts for health and wellness.

Answering to industry challenges

Industry Concerns

As the industry and consumers demand more transparency and traceability of their products, Botanikind provides visibility and ensures security and confidence in standardized, plant-derived ingredients. Besides the routine testing needed and implemented within a regular, robust quality control process, our vertically integrated supply chain requires trust and validation from all stakeholders involved; contributing a mutual understanding of the responsibilities needed to deliver our premium quality at a reasonable cost.

botanikind model

Supply Chain Management functions as a quality  and authenticity gatekeeper while driving best price realization.Our team is built of experienced professionals within the ingredients sector, having served the food and beverage industry as well as the healthcare and beauty industries. We know our customer’s challenges and the pain points within the plant-based ingredient value chain. We’re contributing to a new standard of quality and authenticity for botanical extracts.

Vertically intergrated
supply chain

Sustainable raw material sourcing

When it comes to producing great products, no detail can be overlooked. Botanikind diligently works with farmers and partners to oversee and participate in the cultivation of our crops.

We teach the best farming techniques to minimize the use of chemicals, increase yields and eliminate clear cutting of virgin land.

This is the foundation and starting point for our quality standards, ensuring confidence and trust from our farmers and respecting the land they nurture and depend on.

Our Health &
Wellness solutions:

Functional ingredient category

We offer a broad range of standardized botanical extracts with  full analysis and testing* to guarantee both quality and authenticity of the plants, their parts and their genuine phytoactives.

We stringently monitor contaminants and bacteriological levels required for US and EU regulation and strive to exceed market expectations in this area.


The demand for mushrooms and the global mushroom market is projected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 9.5% from 2021 to 2028.

We are seeing an upward trend in mushroom consumption because mushrooms
are associated with three hot topics: plant-based eating, immune health, and sustainability.

They also appear in many alternative meat products and beverages and their unique unami flavor may help reduce salt intake by 30 to 40% among consumers.

Sourcing challenges

Mushrooms are sponges and absorb most of components that compose its environment: water, soil, air. The main challenges that the industry face when sourcing mushrooms extract is its purity which is very much linked to the raw material quality.

BKD Solutions

At BKD we source our mushrooms in the Zhejiang area, they are grown in a controlled and clean environment where the quality of water is thoroughly monitored the proprietary growth medium used is sourced in a sustainable and ethical way. The mushrooms are grown in greenhouses with natural lighting and ventilation that is provided by mountain breezes.

We have designed a specific offer of mushrooms, using only cultivated mushrooms fruiting body and concentrate the active compounds and offer to you, clean and standardized mushrooms extract, free from unwanted contaminants


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