What we do

We are on a mission to become the Clean Label solution provider of reference in the Food and Beverage and Supplement markets.

Help our clients confidently source botanical extracts providing a unique quality assurance system that is reinforced by full traceability and crop monitoring.

Enhance our customers formulation
design with
bespoke innovation.

Provide the industry with fair pricing from a transparent model allowing more people access to natural options in their diet and supplement choices.

Translating consumer trends into solutions to the industry

Clean label solutions

The "Clean Label" idea has evolved from a shift to recognizable ingredients into a movement where consumers demand to know about the ingredients they choose to nourish their bodies. They scrutinize and evaluate the organizations and suppliers behind those ingredients. It is no longer sufficient to simply say "natural" ingredients. We must embrace and present our commitments to sustainability, transparency and traceability.

Our model

Healthy solutions

The Innova Consumer Survey 2020 indicated that the top four reasons for considering plant-based alternatives were health, diet variety, sustainability and taste.

Our innovations and
application services

Our values

Our passion and expertise to support
your food and health projects

We create solutions that matter

Plant - based ingredients, clean label solutions

Best-in-class herbal ingredients

Affordable price

We leverage state-of-the-art technologies to

Improve delivery, absorption and efficacy of plant-based nutrients

Design high performing and innovative natural colours

Ensure natural and efficient preservation that can easily be integrated across a wide range of applications

Our supply chain model

A fully integrated supply chain through strategic local partnerships that takes transparency, quality assurance and reliability to the next level