Vertically integrated
supply chain

Delivering traceability
and transparency to
the global markets

At Botanikind, we understand market concerns and long term trends.  We thrive in models that encompass cost-effective, clean label solutions knowing that a robust and agile supply chain is critical to both new product development and sustainable, continued supply.

Sustainable raw material sourcing

When it comes to producing great products, no detail can be overlooked. Botanikind diligently works with farmers and partners to oversee and participate in the cultivation of our crops.

We teach the best farming techniques to minimize the use of chemicals, increase yields and eliminate clear cutting of virgin land.

This is the foundation and starting point for our quality standards, ensuring confidence and trust from our farmers and respecting the land they nurture and depend on

Transparency & traceability

More than ever, consumers demand transparency, especially with food but also with health supplements.

They want to know where their botanicals were grown and understand how they were produced. They want assurances that the production was environmentally friendly and ethically sound.

Consumers want to recognize and support value with their choices. Knowing that, Botanikind has developed a unique model offering a window of each step of production for our entire product offering.

Superior quality control

Efficiency, Reliability and Consistency; these are our three core pillars.
Our quality assurance is not easy to match, thanks to the combination of our integrated supply chain oversight and strong analytical capabilities.
We're building on this unique position to prove high quality can come with fair prices.

Advanced technology

State-of-the-art manufacturing delivers unique and beneficial clean-label functional extracts at an optimized cost. Our color formulation capabilities enable us to provide vibrant, stable natural colors and coloring foodstuff that solve problems related to stability and cost constraints.  Cutting-edge extraction capabilities allows us to yield higher levels of active compounds from our Rosemary harvests.