Green Coffee Bean

Coffea arabica L.
Improved bioavailability
Coffea arabica L.
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Botanic specificity

Coffee is widely consumed in the world containing a range of phytochemicals. Previous studies have shown beneficial effects of coffee consumption on several health conditions including metabolic syndrome, type 2 diabetes, and vascular function. Green coffee (Coffea arabica, Rubiaceae) is the bean of the coffee fruit before it is roasted, with preserved phytoacitves which are destroyed during the roasting process. The most commonly found phytochemicals in the coffee are phenolic compounds, primarily chlorogenic acid (CGA). Chlorogenic acids are a group of antioxidant compounds that may be responsible for green coffee bean extract health effects1

Traditional use

Green coffee can be used as dietary supplements, cosmetics, and pharmaceuticals, as a source of antioxidants. It can benefit human health, such as improvement in blood pressure, plasma lipids, and body weight (thus contributing to the improvement of risk components of Metabolic Syndrome). Moreover, benefits for cognitive functions may also be included.

Consumer trend

Since majority of clinical trials proving the effect of green coffee bean extract is linked to a high level of CGA content (45-55%), economically motivated adulteration consist of adding CGA to green coffee leaves or mulberry leaves which are cheaper sources of CGA.

BKD solutions

In order to secure our green coffee bean extract authenticity, we work with limited intermediates to guarantee the quality of our extracts and its consistency throughout the years.

Sourcing challenge

Coffee beans need to be dried in order to reduce their moisture content to 10-15% which helps to enhance the flavor and aroma profiles but which can also influence some particular phytoactives. While there may be numerous methods to drying coffee, the process is essential to the final product. The chlorogenic content of green coffee bean is the main phytoactives which confer to the plant its health benefits, its content can be influenced by the drying phase. Ensuring qualitative raw material with low level of pesticides guarantee a certain level pf purity of the ingredient along with an affordable price.

Green Coffee Bean


Coffea arabica L.

Chlorogenic acid 50% HPLC


Yellow Brown Powder

GMO free
BSE/TSE free
allergen free
low PAH

2 years

Bitter taste

Water soluble

25 kg

Kosher, Halal

400 mg CGA /day